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Vande Udaipur

On 15th August 2018, India’s 72nd Independence Day was celebrated quite ecstatically in every nook and corner of the country, which is definitely the case every year. Though, the ways of celebrating vary differently in different parts of this nation, the lights of patriotism shine equally brightly in every Indian’s heart. On a similar note, I took an initiative to celebrate independence in an effective way by distributing the Tri-colors of our nation among approximately 51000 families of Udaipur and collecting a handful amount of wheat from each family for the less privileged tribes (आदिवासी) of the town. The objective of this campaign was to unite at least 25000 people of the forest tribe in the Independence Day Assembly (स्वाधीनता गोठ), held in 6 different districts of the town.

12th August 2018 saw the initiation of the campaign, in which 2700 booths of 28 Vidhan Sabha Seats from 6 districts were involved. 8500 personnel were assembled into 700 teams who were supposed to distribute 51000 wooden flags of 25 meters each to the families, along with a Vande Mataram Sticker. In return, a handful of wheat was collected from each family. The initiation of the distribution ceremony took place when Arjun Meena (Member of Parliament, Udaipur) gave a copy of the Indian Flag to Rakesh Kumar, a flag seller and a Government School Student. Apparently, the same flag was redeemed by PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi.

On 13th August 2018, upon calculation, it was found out that the collection of wheat from the previous day was a dazzling 38000 Kilograms. On the grounds of “Freedom from Hunger”, the tribal were donated a loaded amount of wheat during the assembly. On 14th August 2018, a lunch meet was held at Gogrood Senior Secondary School, Udaipur where Rajaram Garasiya (Gogrood Head), Laaduram (Merpur head), and other leaders were present with me. The wheat that was distributed the previous day was used for the lunch meet.  The guests were welcomed with sacred threads and everyone took oaths of social unity.

On the day of 72nd Independence, 15th August 2018, by 09:30 AM, the whole town of Udaipur was decorated with the tri colors which were given to the families. The marchers assembled at Fateh School Hanuman Temple, and left for the march at 10:00 AM. Marchers comprised of families, bachelors, tribal, personnel, district heads and many other people from various backgrounds. Everyone came together to support a single incident that took place 72 years ago; which still ignites the hearts of Indians, even today.

This march was not created by a religion, caste or a community. It was made possible by a common feeling shared by each and every human of this country – Patriotism, which was inculcated among the town residents through this campaign. I hope that this feeling is forever held on to, not only in the hearts of Udaipur but inside every beating heart of his nation.

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