Praveen Ratlia - Youngest Social Activist in Asia

‘The issue of ‘child deprived of cloths’ a human rights issue, not a welfare matter or a charitable cause.’ Says Praveen Ratlia. ‘Child deprived of cloths’ is the result of the perpetuation of poverty, unemployment, population explosion and many other social evils. ‘Suhani Sardi Andolan’ is a linkage of fight against ‘child deprivation of cloths’ with the efforts for achieving ‘Cloths for All’ children.

Our Goal:

‘child deprivation of cloths’ is the one major reason for Children belonging to poor backgrounds avoid going to school in winters as they don’t have woolen clothes to safeguard them from scorching cold. As a result, their
education and health suffers. So, to help such children in every possible way that their education and learning never stops, Suani Sari Andolan is an initiative.

Our Aim:

Suhani Sardi Andolan aimed to prevent deaths caused due to harsh winter and to stop wastage of unused winter clothes. Suhani Sardi Andolan – Started on 10th October 2015, The campaign was executed in two different parts, in first part 10,000 fresh sweaters were distributed to the students of government schools situated in remote areas around Udaipur. In second part more than 6500 used winter clothes were collected and distributed to the needy ones.

Suhani Sardi Andolan received enormous support from local residents and administration.


Praveen Ratlia - Suhani Sardi


“Because 11-year-old Lakhan Gameti’s parents cannot afford to buy him a new sweater or shoes, he shivers in class on cold days. When its winters , he sometimes misses school because he does not have any woolen cloth. The shy, thin boy who lives in a tough life of village said he hates missing school, he gets good marks and wants to be a lawyer when he grows up. “I want to do something good with myself,” said Lakhan, who attends a Government School in a village of Udaipur district. “I want to help my father. I don’t want to be in a bad boys gang. I try to study, but it’s hard because I don’t fit in at the time of winters. It’s very hard to study in a bone-breaking cold.

His parents struggle with five children, ages 5 to 13. Sometimes they can afford only one-time dinner. Family members take turns sleeping on the bed and the floor while using old curtains for blankets.
Winter was once again for him in 2016. But this year, he was on his way to dream to be a lawyer because this year he did not miss a single day of school. He had a new sweater to fight with cruel cold.
The next time when I met Lakhan, I asked him, “Little Boy, have you been praying to God for sweater to come in for you?” He giggled shyly, and said in his wonderful mewari accent, “Yes! God answers my prayers. I can never thank God enough because he listened to me and many children like me of my school.
I felt proud to see the happy smile on his face.
I felt proud because I am associated with this Nobel cause.
I am a volunteer of ‘Suhani Sardi Movement’ of Praveen Ratlia ji.
Suhani Sardi is an initiative with a mission to make 10,000 primary school children
and 10,000 underprivileged people’s winter bearable.

Praveen Ratlia - Suhani Sardi