Praveen Ratlia - Youngest Social Activist in Asia

Shakti’ Women Achiever’s award is to Enlighten women to Enrich, Encourage & Empower. It celebrates and honors the accomplishments and contributions of women in society, business and community development. Women who have excelled in different spheres of life. The ceremony underscores the paramount role played by women in society while appreciating their attitudes, initiatives, will-power and perseverance. These are women who have distinguished themselves as prominent citizens, who displayed a strong mettle and capability to perform well in any field of endeavor. The purpose of Shakti is to empower women, so they can reach their goals and inspire others. The Shakti brings together Udaipur women from across the country and recognizes their accomplishments.


Praveen Ratlia - Shakti

“The Shakti Award just changed my life -Laxmi Meena”

In her rural naivety, Lakshmi opened up about her dream-like achievement. With eyes brimming with tears, The Shakti Award for ‘woman of power’ has changed her life.

“My small home is continuously welcoming people who are coming to congratulate me. The feeling is yet to sink in. It was even not a dream in my dreams too. I have never wished for such adoration, dreamt of going to the stage and receiving award and my photo and story in book. My village ………. in Udaipur gave me a great welcome yesterday, said Laxmi.

She adds that the fact that her name was considered with the likes of great achiever, entrepreneurs, social workers, artists of national and international reputation Laxmi is a widow whose husband died with TB and after that her struggle started.

The poor, uneducated woman found work, is striving hard to feed her whole family including inlaws , very young brother and sister in laws and her own daughters Education of her daughters was her only dream left.

“When one day few gentlemen approached me to listen the struggle of my life, I was perplexed. I asked them why me. When they told me the reason, I could not believe it.

I was wondering how my basic duty of ‘taking care of my family’ make be worthy for such a great award. Moreover, I was never appreciated by anyone for this insignificant task till now. And not just me, many women like me being a single mother struggling and feeding the family alone but it’s considered as their role as woman not something to sing for.

These people told me that I am Shakti, The empowered woman. I never knew what is it all about to be an ‘empowered woman’.

Shakti Award, it not only celebrates and honors the accomplishment and contributions of women in society, business, sports, art, culture and community development but also recognizes unsung, unnoticed heroes like Laxmi who have displayed strong will power, high perseverance, tough mettle and capability to perform their odd family responsibilities.

Laxmi found her calling, after emerging as The Shakti Award receiver and now she speaks and inspires other women like her to become a tough battle for the life rather being its victim.

Praveen Ratlia - Shakti