Praveen Ratlia - Youngest Social Activist in Asia

Praveen Ratlia says “According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, In India only nine million units are collected in a year against the requirement of 12 million units – reflecting a 25 per cent deficit. India’s problem of blood can be solved if there is a slight increase in the number of donors. If only 2 per cent more people could come forward to donate blood, the shortage could be addressed,and it’s not difficult if we can build a network of people who can donate blood and find the donor in Real Time during an emergency.”‘Raktveer’ is such endeavor for Udaipur citizens to bring blood donors and those in need to a common platform.

Our Goal

Blood Safety

Blood Adequacy

Rational Blood Use

Efficiency of Blood Services

Blood donor and receiver connect

Our Aim

Begin on 10th April 2016, Raktveer aimed to prevent deaths caused by lack of blood and to get 100,000 units of blood by the year 2020. Raktveer connects blood donor to the person who received donor’s blood through direct communication , social media platform and through Raktveer App which is the single largest blood donation application Raktveer App to build network of donors and receivers.

Raktveer encouraged local communities and organizations to get associated with the mission and organize blood donation camps. There are more than 4 blood donation camps held in Udaipur under the banner of Raktveer.


Praveen Ratlia - Youngest Social Activist in Asia


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Praveen Ratlia - Raktveer

“Your Gift…Their Life” – the words of Ramesh Meena

Every time you donate blood you help save a life. Sounds extreme?
Not to the patients whose lives have been saved through the efforts of Raktveer donors.

“You don’t know how important donating blood is until you need it, says Ramesh Meena, and he knows it’s true. “In an unfortunate night, my daughter met with an life threatening accident by some social devils and her treatment requires that she needs both whole blood and platelets. Thanks to Sh. Praveen Ratlia ji and everyone who donated at the Raktveer movement blood drive because of that my daughter could get blood & Platelet immediately, and her life could be saved.” This below message by Ramesh Meena is enough to explain why blood donor are called ‘Raktveer the Hero. If Your blood save life , you are respected as God in the eyes of recipient.

Raktveer movement was also appreciated by Rajasthan Police for providing immediate help to victim.

Raktveer is a proud association for its volunteer too. In their words:-
“We’re proud to be a part of Praveen ji’s Raktveer team, helping provide community support to the needy like Ramesh MeenaJi’s daughter, with selfless services we feel like we are God’s messenger to serve the society.

Praveen Ratlia - Raktveer