Praveen Ratlia - Youngest Social Activist in Asia

‘With a large scale citizen’s participation, can we create a parallel economy where every work doesn’t have to wait for money rather huge quantities of old re-usable material becomes a valuable resource?” asks Praveen Ratlia.

Our Goal

Mission MJ is an initiative of UdaipurEk to develop a parallel economy for underprivileged children of Udaipur which is not CASH based but that is TRASH based.

Our Aim

Mission MJ started in the month of April 2016 in which old shoes, clothes, stationary and any other item which one can give was collected at different public places and also donated by individuals at the collection center. It
was distributed among more needy , poor people of Rural belt of Udaipur and surroundings with great enthusiasm.

Donate your old stuff with Mission MJ


Praveen Ratlia - Mission MJ

“Boy asks party guests to bring donated shoes instead of gifts”

When Lavyansh Rathor’s family started asking him what he wanted for his ninth birthday, at first he told them he didn’t want anything. His grandmother, Smt.KusumLata said, the boy demanded he wanted shoes — but not for himself. “For the little kids that don’t have any,” Lavyansh celebrated his birthday Saturday with a party at his Greenwood home. Friends and family brought new and used flip-flops, sandals, and sneakers to donate instead of gifts for Lavyansh. More than 75 pairs were collected for underprivileged children of Udaipur district who either do not have shoes to wear or have shoes with big holes.

All collected shoes had been given by Rathore family for Mission MJ. As Lavyansh had listened about Mission MJ movement by his teacher in school and since then he has decided to be a part of this movement. Family at first thought it was kind of weird. He is a kid and most kids want presents. But as said A GOOD WORK is infectious.

Mission MJ a social service activity initiated by UdaiurEk , stands for Mission May June is dedicated to underprivileged children living in rural areas around Udaipur. The activity encouraged people to donate unused books, stationeries, school bags, footwear etc for poor children.
And the impact of Mission MJ even on young kids like Lavyansh is commendable,

Praveen Ratlia - Mission MJ