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The air.. what we imagine when we think about a cool calm airy weather .. yes we imagine the green trees.. but we can’t saw them  within our surroundings because we are surrounded by lifeless buildings..
One day someone saw around him and found that there is nothing to imagine about air about trees about greenery about nature .. he took a resolution to realise d imaginations and to see more and more trees around the city ..he acted upon the resolution and planted 5000/ plants at 32 different places in a single day which was twice of the regular plantation in the city ..this was not only a one day dream to put a plant in a prepared dig and to forget it .. but it was a long term vision to see the city surrounded by trees and for this vision all that 5000/ plants were planted at such places where they may grow and s survive .. most f them are planted within government premises like schools , colleges and offices so that dey can be grown up . .. so nothing is dream if u have a zeal to make it true .

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