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Praveen Ratlia, A Transformational Leader

Praveen Ratlia - Politics in Udaipur

Patriotism is love for country. But you can’t love your country without loving your people, we must empower each other, we must find the common ground, we must build bridges across our differences to pursue the common good. We cannot make impractical promises to change our country; hence we should start with small steps of empowering each other and make efforts to make our city best, Says Praveen Ratlia.

Praveen Ratlia is a social activist from Udaipur who has been at the forefront of the social movement Udaipurek. UdaipurEk is a revolution; it is made as a platform for young social workers, individuals or organizations to unite and rise together with support of each other without any cultural or religious differences.
He has developed a successful model to make voluntarism and social work instilled in each and every person who is capable of helping the deprived and needy.


As a grassroots activist, he has led the Raktveer movement, Raktveer aimed to prevent deaths caused by lack of blood and to get 100,000 units of blood by the year 2020. Raktveer encouraged local communities and organizations to get associated with the mission and organize blood donation camps.

As an analytical thinker, he made the issue of ‘child deprived of cloths’ a human rights issue, not a welfare matter or a charitable cause. He has established that ‘child deprived of cloths’ is the result of the perpetuation of poverty, unemployment, population explosion and many other social evils. He has also played an important role in linking the fight against ‘child deprivation of cloths’ with the efforts for achieving ‘Cloths for All through his ‘Suhani Sardi’ and ‘Mission MJ Movement’ Suhani Sardi Andolan –  aimed to prevent deaths caused due to harsh winter and to stop wastage of unused winter clothes.

Suhani Sardi Andolan received enormous support from local residents and even administration. Mission MJ started in the month of April in which old shoes, clothes, stationary and any other item which one can give was collected at different public places and also donated by individuals at the collection center. It was distributed among the more needy, poor people of Rural belt of Udaipur and surroundings with great enthusiasm.

As an advocate of equal right for women, Mr. Praveen Ratlia ,with his project ‘Shakti’ gives respect, admiration and recognition to the women who have created a self-respect and made the family, society and city proud with their work which was self-intentional and got recognition of the importance of women workers and their economic, political and social achievements. A respect initiative for women who make a difference to their families, communities, cultures and nations.

As a National campaigner, he has been the architect of the single largest blood donation application Raktveer App which build network of donors and receivers. Praveen Ratlia says ‘“According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, In India only nine million units are collected in a year against the requirement of 12 million units – reflecting a 25 per cent deficit. India’s problem of blood can be solved if there is a slight increase in the number of donors. If only 2 per cent more people could come forward to donate blood, the shortage could be addressed,and it’s not difficult if we can build a network of people who can donate blood and find the donor in Real Time during an emergency.

As an promoter for quality and meaningful, education, Mr. Praveen Ralia is the Founder of purposed Platinum University and Platinum Group of Education is empowering quality education through its 8 colleges in Rajasthan, M.P. since 2010. Platinum was propose to have real interest and commitment to do something innovative in education sector.

Praveen Ratlia - BJP Udaipur


Praveen Ratlia as a transformational leader committed to:

  • To undertake all such activities that would promote changes and transformation in the society in the area related to health, Environment, Education, Culture and social economic reforms for sustainable uncountable development for Udaipur District.
  • To develop a society for conducting programs of welfare and development of commons interst with emphasis on socially deprived categories including Women, Children Aged & Handicapped.
  • To take up projects/programs on research, publication & documentation on welfare & development.
  • To take up programs on rural development health & sanitation. Training & education, awareness generation, rehabilitation of special need group programs of social defend, environment protection & Allied programs.
  • To Establish and run training and educational institution, homes for children, women and aged, health care units, dedication centers documentation units & such other center/units for welfare & Development.


Till now, in less than a decade, Mr. Praveen Ratlia has made a difference in the lives of many. He has a dedicated team representing the cultural, linguistic & socio economic diversity spanning a range of professional from management, social, software, finance, administration, urban & regional planners, researchers & training personnel, and educationists required to fulfill his dreams for social upliftment.

Mr.Praveen Ratlia breaths philosophy in his life that is ‘Kare kuch auro ke liye’

Praveen Ratlia as a lover of music and poetry , loves to write Hindi Kavita and his views on social issues and trends. He makes people fall in love with his lyrics and music.
He lives in Udaipur, India. His family includes parents, his wife, a daughter, colleagues and friends.

Praveen Ratlia - BJP Rajasthan